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Idea for "New" shows...


Beyond the rim
Idea for \"New\" shows...

Okay, so I had an idea the other day, and I really want to share it with this community. However, the idea requires some background to fully understand, so if you'll just bear with this post, I think you'll enjoy it.

My favorite TV show of all time is B5. That said, I still enjoy SciFi all-around, and I've followed StarTrek pretty regularly (STNG and DS9 were great, Voyager tested my faith in a God that likes me, and now I'm watching Enterprise)

That said, I also enjoy several other TV shows. Most notably, I enjoy NBC's Law and Order. Now, one of my favorite aspects of Law and Order is the whole idea of scripts that are "Ripped from the Headlines". They take issues which have already "sold papers," so to speak, and turn them into episodes of Law and Order. Since NBC is constantly adopting real-world stories (including older ones), into the show, this guarantees a wide base of topics, intrigue, and a small dose of controversy. This method of writing definitely brings me back to watch the show week after week.

Now, as I'm sure many of you know, Enterprise needs help. Don't get me wrong, I actually don't really care too much about continuity. Yeah, it was great in B5, but if getting Crusade off the ground had involved "rewriting" some B5 history, I really wouldn't have cared. Anyway, for those of you who aren't aware, Enterprise is heading in a "new direction" beginning with this season's finale, and continuing throughout next season. This is a very kind way of saying "Our past writing did not attract the audience we wanted". However, the problem remains that Paramount will probably just try and infuse new ideas into their old style of writing.

And here is my idea, to rejuvenate SciFi on TV for the duration of Enterprise. Paramount must write differently, and must use a method of writing that has been proven to work. Thus, I suggest the "Ripped from the Headlines" style, however, in fitting with the SciFi Genre, newspaper headlines wouldn't work very well.

Thus I suggest the following:
"Ripped from Babylon 5"

It's genius! All Paramount has to do is change the names, places, and some minor details, revamping old B5 plots and replaying them on Enterprise!
Re: Idea for \"New\" shows...

You know, you may be onto something here. I mean, why stop at Babylon 5?? Let's look at all the successful shows of the past couple of years (Oh look, I can count 'em on one hand!) Buffy's has a huge following, so if they throw in some mythology and a lesbian couple (I always though Hoshi kept eyeing up T'pol's butt) they should be sorted.

Smallville's doing well, so let's give Trip some super powers, and shave Phlox's head! Dawson's Creek has had a great run, so let's throw in an inane love triangle to bore everyon to tears (Archer/Reed/Porthos?)

Oh, and let's not forget Alias, so they can make it so (no pun intended) that the Federation is actually an evil organisation and our plucky heroine has to go undercover, wearing a sexy wig (discounting T'pol)

What's scary, is that all of these things would make Enterprise a better show!!
Re: Idea for \"New\" shows...

What's scary, is that all of these things would make Enterprise a better show!!

OMG Happy, you just may be on to something! Those were great ideas! Too bad you blabbed to all of us or else you could have sold that story/concept idea to Paramount and made a killing. :LOL:

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