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Idea for B5 Computer game


I own a copy of Birth of the Federation, and I think the game is fun.

I think however, a B5 game running along a similar concept would be much better.

Have 6 major powers but only Human, Minbari, Narn and Centauri can be player controlled. Make the Vorlon/Shadow/First One ships comparable in hit points and power to the Borg and Crystal Entity.

Allow diplomacy to work in a similar way, only if you eneter Vorlon space your ship mysteriously disappears (until you reach the top tech level, then you can enter Vorlon space).

Shadow space would be riddled with Shadow Colonies Drakh, and Z'Ha'Dum of course. If you find Z'Ha'Dum, you will receive a diplomatic message saying you've met Lorien, and this changes the nature of the game in the same way that it did in the programme.

2 turns after someone discovers Lorien (and this would be V Hard as you'd have to get into Shadow space with a substantial attack fleet or die in the attempt), two new units appear namely the planet killers, and you would have no choice but to ally yoursleves with other players including the CPU neutral ones to do this.

Bio tech would be off limts until you ally yourselves with either Shadows or Vorlons or someone else who has an existing ally with them, and the nature of the bio tech would be reflected in that allegiance.

Once both planet killers are gone, gameplay returns to faction based competition unless you want to try to build an Interstellar Alliance. You can finally enter Vorlon space when you reach the uppermost tech level! When you reach this point, you can go round pestering other races (even next Gen First Ones) to yout hearts content and eventually leave the game by sending al your ships to the edge of the screen (rim) and clicking the EXIT GAME icon.

Should mention that if planet killer enters a system, you have 5 turns to destroy it before it wipes out that system (every planet) and the star on the map disappears!

B5 would be a bit like the free parking square in Monopoly!

What do you think?

Let me guess you reckon it's pants!

"We Live for the One. We die for the One!"

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