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I will admit that I like one Reality show...

I watched the first season, then the novelty wore off.

Last night I did discover one "reality" show I like- Last Comic Standing.
The Surreal Life was a guilty pleasure, I'll have to admit. It's a mid-season replacement next season. I can't wait to see who the new seven are.
I also got a kick out of The Osbournes. And since I love comedy, I watched Last Comic Standing. Otherwise, I cannot stand reality shows.

anyone see the ep where ozzy went to the dentist...only word he could say was "nitrous.." I was rolling on the floor when he could not get the cup to his mouth and kept hitting his head.
I watched the Osbournes the first season ("anyone want a burrito?") but haven't caught any of the second. I really loved "The Surreal Life". Boy did my opinion change about Corey Feldman. I use to think he was so cool but after that episode....

One reality show I have a morbid fascination to watch but haven't caught yet is the new show on Comedy Central, "I'm with Busey." The previews made me laugh my ass off.

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