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I missed 24 tonight but...


...I still got my dose of Kieffer. Saw that movie "Phone Booth" tonight. He is pretty damn good in it (he has a voice only role). Damn good casting him for the voice of the psycho sniper as he has juuuuust the right tone for that sort of thing.

Good movie. VERY different. Interesting directing. I liked it, thought it was a good change of pace, and not bad for one of those movies that is supposed to "make a statement about problems with society." (at least I thought it was trying to). Id recommend it, its worth the watch.

Oh, and I taped 24 so Ill catch up soon. :)
I've heard some pretty good reviews about it too. When I first saw the previews I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but from what a couple of my friends said it's a movie I'll probably like. Not sure when I'll get around to actually go see it though. Maybe this weekend or next.

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