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I miss the First Ones :(

The episode that get me interested in B5 was Mind War, specificly when Iron Heart "evolve". But I really became a fan of the show when I saw Kosh flying as an angel while rescuing Sheridian. After that my quest to know more about the First Ones became obsesive and keep me watching every single episode and reading every single piece of information related to them. Not because of chaos or order but because the sole idea of sentient beings millions of years older than us was amazing. When the shadow war was over and they went beyond the rim I feel... "empty" as if they forget and left me, alone, taking with them my passion and drive for the show. The show was never the same for me after that. Of course I keep watching it but I really miss them and I hope to see them again some time in the future and to know more about them to know their history, to know how it feels to walk trough the stars like gigants!!!
They'll be back -- in us. When the Humans and the Minbari finally make it to the level the first ones reached, and the Vorlon homeworld opens up and Ironheart comes back, we will be like them, but wiser from our memories of them. We, too, will walk among the stars.

But I know what you mean. I miss 'em too. Of course, after a few revelations about their true character the only First Ones I really trust are Lorien and Kosh, after he died. (And there is only one Kosh.)
You would have learned alot about the First Ones in Crusade. Part of the premise for the show was finding acient civilizations that had dealt with the Shadows before. Indeed, in Fiona Avery's episode "Value Judgments" (which was not filmed) we get a little hint of the past of .. perhaps.. the Vorlons.

I know what you mean though. The First Ones were a wonderful idea. I hope that if the B5 universe ever returns that we get to learn more about them. But maybe the mystery is part of the fun.

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