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I met Adam Baldwin!


My hubby and I went to a sci-fi convention today. We saw Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Firefly) and Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes.)

Both were so amazingly easy-going and humble. I really was astounded by their joy to attend such an event and their attitude on a whole. I've been to conventions before where the stars seemed like it was more work and were kind of blahh about being there. Baldwin was awesome. We had our pics taken with him (professional ones.) We brought our 9 month old (wearing a Jayne hat and everything,) and he made a comment that she was cute and a "scene stealer." Shook our hands, then thanked us for coming.

Quinto was really a nice guy. We didn't do pictures with him, just attended the Q&A session. He really seems to be a down to earth kind of guy--very intelligent and thoughtful. He talked about taking on the role of Spock and how it really is a more complex character than people might assume.

Awesome costumes, etc. BUT, the great part was this. My husband and I are on our way out when who do we see walking down the hall but Adam Baldwin. He's just walking along, right there, in the middle of the convention. Funny thing was that nobody really recognized him. I saw him and waved and my husband stopped him to shake his hand and said, "How about I buy you a beer?" and he said, "Let's go!"

Well, the three of us walk right through the middle of sci-fi con junction. Still people aren't really paying him mind (maybe people just aren't that observant or are in their own little world in a crowd like that?) We went to the bar and chatted for about 10 minutes. He talked about playing baseball with his kids, his wife and that he likes to play chess. The night before, he apparently showed up at one of the "Browncoat" gatherings at a local bar, just to have some drinks with the fans. Just showed up and surprised them.

He was such a nice guy. Asked us how long we were married, about our daughter, etc. What sucked was that some fan came up and asked to take a picture with him. He politely said, "not right now, please." Was very polite about it, but he kind of just wanted to relax. The guy then started gushing about how great of an actor he is, how he couldn't believe all the movies that he was in, then said, "And you are a LOT older than what you look." I mean, I'm sure he was just tongue-tied, but damn, it came out all wrong.

I kind of paused and must have had a look on my face, because Adam B looked at me for a moment with the same look, as if we were saying, "did he really just say that?" Adam kind of smirked at me, then shook our hands and said he had to run to an event. It as a small, surreal moment. He didn't have to give anyone the time of day and I'm sure he has to be "on" for hundreds of people at this thing. The fact that he took 10 minutes to chat with us was pretty damn cool.

Beer with Jayne.


Anyway, I'm all fan-girled out today. I may get some pics up. I'm usually pretty private about what I post on boards like this, but maybe I'll try to find a few.

(runs off squealing like a total nerd-freak)

AHhH! :)
Yeah, awesome. From what I've heard, most of the Firefly cast is like that, especially Nathan Fillion. I really do wonder if part of the excellence of that show was due to the fact that all the actors are genuninely good folks.
He was awesome. I feel like such a fang-grrrrrl.

One question he was asked was, "if you could play any other character on television, who would you play?" and he said, "Monk!"

Guess I need to check that show out now. I've heard good things about it.

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