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I am going to SG-7 in England Feb 6-8th 2004

Hey everyone, long time no chat. I just wanted to let folks know that I will be at the SG-7 convention in Heathrow, England in a few days. I am currently shooting an episode of Tru Calling where I play a tabloid journalist, almost did a Smallville but the two shows conflicted. I shoot on the 4th and fly out in the evening, please keep your fingers crossed that there are no problems! If any of you are attending please identify yourselves to me if we get the chance to meet! I hope eveyone is well and that the new year is being good to you all. Take care...Alex :D
OOh. I hadn't heard of SG7. I see from their website that Steve Bacic is there too... hold me back. :D

I'll drop you a line via email Alex... Heathrow is next door to me.
it isn`t next door to me ... about 5 hours away !!!
otheer side of the damn country . Why cant they have any sci fi exhibitions in Manchester ?

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