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i am complaining about sci fi uk !!!!!




this is the scifi channel uk`s main logo !!!! its pathetic init ?

they havent still given us confirmation on wether they will show the legend of the rangers, allthough (i presume) their parent company scifi.com (usa) is making it !!! its ridicolous !!!!

check out their "website" http://uk.scifi.com

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AFAIK Warner Bros own the rights to B5 and its spin offs, so whether or not Sci-fi USA is producing the show is largely irrelevant.

Hopefully we may see the Beeb picking it up, having lost Enterprise to Channel 4

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>AFAIK Warner Bros own the rights to B5 and its spin offs, so whether or not Sci-fi USA is producing the show is largely irrelevant.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Correct. Sci-Fi isn't producing the movie, they merely commissioned it and will be airing it. Warner Bros. is producing the film and will own it, along with all other things B5. This is the standard arrangement for most dramas and comedies produced in the U.S. The network buys a license to broadcast the show in the domestic market. The studio is free to license the property in other countries and to other media as it sees fit.

Even if this weren't true, and Sci-Fi (U.S.) had some kind of owernship interest in Rangers or control over its distribution, this still wouldn't affect what Sic-Fi U.K. does. USA Networks sold the U.K. version of the Sci-Fi Channel to a British group over a year ago, and the two networks are no longer affiliated in any way.

Chances are somebody is waiting to see how the film does over here before making any decisions about overseas airings. Either the foreign buyers want to see the ratings for this unproven concept, or Warner Bros. is hoping for a hit and figures it can get a better deal elsewhere once they have the ratings in hand.



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Crusade was shown in the UK by Sky One. They may also show B5LR. Particularly if Sci-Fi UK keeps getting ratings so small that newspapers are dropping it from their listings.

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SFC in the UK held the re-run rights for B5 long before they went there in the US. I think it was in 1998 that SFC UK began to strip B5 on a daily basis, whilst S5 was in first run on Channel 4.

C4 themselves did us a great disservice by showing Crusade at something like 2am on Monday morning. They were obviously peeved that Sky had beaten them to the first run rights. Interestingly, Sky has never repeated it !!

Thank goodness for WHV's decision to release the whole series on VHS.

Personally, I just hope someone picks up the B5LR TV Movie in the UK.

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I have spoken to UK SCI FI, and they are indeed waiting to see how it fairs in the US.

As Joe D said, the US SCI FI Channel is not related to the UK one.

Also, I think their logo is irrelevant.

I would move this topic to a more relevant forum, but I'm not quite sure what it's relevant to. Also your questions have been answered, so I'll just close it.

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