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I am Angry!!!

I am sorry but I have to rant
. This has been with me for a long long time. My question is this – Just what do people think is wrong in being a SciFi fan?? I wanted to put my frustration into words after accidentally catching an E! interview with Kevin Surbo(Sp?). The host asked Kevin what he thinks about scifi fans. The way in which Kevin answered really angered me. I cannot put the exact quote but it went something along these lines – The scifi fans are “DIFFERENT” and INTERESTING” in a really condescending manner
. Just what does he (Kevin) and people like him think we are!!!
What are we anyway? We are people who like something different , just different. We watch about things we wonder about , about things we can speculate about , about what ifs and about possibility and impossibility of events.
Coming back to Kevin(I am not picking on him, he just an example), he is working in a scifi show Andromeda. If he thinks that the show will be a success just by showing laser gun shootouts, space battle and just action without substance , I think he is very much mistaken. As it is I am reading a lot stuff that are supposedly not good for the show. Anyway I would rather watch a scifi than sitcoms like Friends and such. (Please Note that I don’t mean any disrespect or offence to any one . This is my opinion .) I am the kind of person who would rather watch cartoons than such shows – Tom and Jerry, RoadRunner, Scooby Doby Do(sp?) any one. I always wondered how we would appear to people from the past --- from way way Past!!! SciFi Channel said it best in their promotions:
“To Grow , Is To Expand .
To Expand , Is To Dream.
To Dream, Is to Wonder.
To Wonder, Is To Evolve.
Experience The Evolution”
I think I have ranted enough. I am sorry this has become a long post. Like I mentioned before this anger at been looked upon has weird , waco(sp?) and just plane crazy for being a scifi fan , has been with me for too long. I had to get it out at least among the people who might understand where I am coming from . I taken the liberty of saying ‘we’ as in scifi fans, again I do not mean any offence or disrespect to anyone. These are just my opinions. Thanks for listening.

I don't mind if people don't like something.

I do mind condescending expressions, but in this case I am unmoved. Aside from having heard the name, I don't know who the person in your example is. He might have had too much negative experience to discuss the subject in a balanced manner.

I like science fiction, and know many others who like it. Some like it in the wrong way... and some hate it. It is their loss. I have numerous interests, but I don't expect everyone to understand them.

"We are the universe, trying to figure itself out.
Unfortunately we as software lack any coherent documentation."
-- Delenn
Sorbo's recent antics have been driving the Andromeda fans spare with frustration. He just doesn't seem to understand the mindset of Sci-Fi fans.
I don't think we are more obsessive than Buffy or Friends fans, we have our 'wierdnesses' just as they do.
But once the tv folks realise the perception that we have for Sorbo, I somehow doubt that the interviews would be edited favourably towards him.

This thread isn't directly B5 related, and seems a good partner to KoshN's 'The Anti-Sci-Fi (the genre) Mindset' thread in the Non-B5 forum. I'll move this over over there.

"The series - now simply called A, to cut down on the number of syllables Sorbo has to master - will concentrate on more simplistic, predictable and formulaic episode structures, a move echoed by the recent signing of Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Taylor." - tachyon tv

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