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I am addicted to Jeremiah.! But I need help...

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Hello there.
I live in Norway and to look at good series like Jeremiah I can
forget. I have to wait unthil it gets to DVD to be able to get my hands on it.
You see Norway is in a backdraft when it comes to tv-sreies. But I got lucky/unlucky. I got hold of some of the 7 first episodes in SVCD quality. And guess what? I want more
So here is where you come in I need help to get the rest on SVCD. I dont like divx since I only can look at it on the PC. I like my goood chair in front of the telly when I look at good series like Jeremiah. So pleace give me the Fix.

you can send me an e-mail:sreberg@online.no
I feel your pain and wish we could help you here, but there is a strict policy about sharing illegal material on the board.

I would also suggest posting your request to the Jeremiah Series discussion list or even the moderated B5 newsgroup.

Oh and if you are interested in paying for the series, there is this eBay auction as well.

I will be closing this thread since it is okay if people contact you personally. Good luck!
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