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I (Alex Zahara) havebeen cast in Painkiller Jane!

Hey everyone, just thought I would share some good news...I have been cast in the new Sci fi Pilot/Movie Painkiller Jane, based on the comic! I will be playing the mysterious Mr. Grey! I am quite the Freak in this one, probably one of the coolest characters I have played so far! I don't want to give to much away but...Jane is a special forces Marine who ends up with super abilities after a mission goes bad... I hope it goes well, I am very stoked! I hope everyone is well. Take care...Alex. :D
Congrats. I have no doubt I will catch it when it hits the airwaves. For a while I was really REALLY disappointed in the quality of stuff Sci-Fi channel had been pumping out (pumping out a sewer is probably the way to word it). But the last year or so, they have gotten considerably better, in the movie, miniseries, and series department, so they are on a renewed lease with me.

I'll check your movie and see how it is. I'd rather watch something with someone I recognize from previous great Scifi (in your case, Rangers and Jeremiah, the latter being my favorite).
Re: I (Alex Zahara) havebeen cast in Painkiller Ja

I look forward to seeing the pilot. Hope it gets picked up. :)
You're one busy man I must say :D. Congrats on this one, your finnish fans will eagerly await this, keep it busy there :).
Thanks for keeping us up to speed Alex! I agree with Recoil -- the quality of Sci-Fi's "originals" have really been improving lately. I can't wait to see it!

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