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So did anyone else in the UK watch this?

I'll watch it again, as I did find quite a bit funny. Maybe I've been watching too much B5 though because often I thought I spotted B5 influences.

1. Rotating part of the ship, obviously to produce gravity.
2. Aliens needing to close deal by licking a face. ('it's not sexual')
3. The minister of that isolationist planet having *very* big hair.
4. That woman standing and controlling the ship. I wonder if she does wepons?

Any one else?
You guys rock, if I hadn't read this I wouldn't have A. heard of the show, and B. had it recorded tomorrow night for after these damn exams. :) Gold stars all round!
It was ok, a few funny moments but I'm still not 'getting' the show. Too much hand-held video camera, and the acting felt very much like a sketch show than a sitcom.

Mind you, Red Dwarf wasn't that great when it first came on the scene, so maybe Hyperdrive will get better.
I loved it. Something of the Office about it, and the idea of trying to get aliens to Peterborough was wonderful. The actor Kevin Eldon was also great. The Sunday repeat was a good way to round off the weekend. I was amazed by how good it looked, sets, effects, costumes etc were all rather good for the beeb.

P.S. the Minister of the isolationist planet said: the hair comes with the rank. very B5.

this also leads me to wonder, what happened to Red Dwarf?
this also leads me to wonder, what happened to Red Dwarf?

Craig Charles is in Coronation Street (actually I haven't seen it since my fiancee went back to Uni, so he may be out of it now), so there is no chance he could fit in Red Dwarf with their filming schedule.

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