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Humor plays big part(spoilers)



I first of all want to start off by saying that I loved the movie. I taped it so I could show my dad, and while I was taping I had other people in the room and I didn't really get a chance to pay close attention. I thought it looked kind of stupid at that point. But when I got a chance to sit down and actually watch it I was very pleased. The aspect that I really liked about it was the humor. G'Kar was in great form. His scene with the diplomats had me laughing so hard. Dylan Neal (David) had several great lines. I enjoyed his interactions with Dulann and Sarah. The easy going feel of the story made it so I wanted to rewind and watch the movie over and over again. For me to do that, it takes a good story, good acting, and lots of humor.

Let me know what you all think. Maybe I just laugh at weird things. Who knows.

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That had to be one of the best lines. Also, right after that when Tirk was talking with the other Drazi was amusing. If it gets picked up as a series (and I REALLY hope that it does) I think Tirk will bring in some deadpan humor that will nicely compliment everyone else.

No one here is exactly what he appears.
Yes, humor is certainly a prominent part of 'Rangers. One of the first things I noticed about the show was how every scene had at least one humorous line. I think it's the funniest thing ever to bear the name Babylon 5.
I have to agree that humour was one of the best things in B5 (when it worked, that is; besides, humour is such a subjective thing!

I really loved G'Kar's sense of humour in the original series and I gather that has rather grown than diminished in Rangers. And the other characters sound like they have great potential in the humour department... heh, I'm actually looking forward to seeing a Minbari with a sense of humour!

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It was great to see Dulann show off some humor. Of course the fact that he was on the verge of death for most of the movie, limited his screen time, the parts that he was there were well utilized. When David and him are talking about the size of ears and "other things" was great. Their interaction when they were checking out the Liandra for the first time was also great. A Minbari with humor is definitely something to watch.

No one here is exactly what he appears.
G'kar plods around the Grey Council walks over to one of the nine and peeks under the hood..GREAT scene!

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Talathanar:
G'kar plods around the Grey Council walks over to one of the nine and peeks under the hood..GREAT scene!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

As far as I have understood that was the ranger council, not the gray one (they look pretty simmilar, but hey, if something has worked for a 1000 yeras, why change it)...

I can just picture it though (to bad it will probably be years before I get to see it for myself
), G'kar is one of my favourite characters.

Yes, G'Kar was great.
I've seen a couple posts about how G'Kar wouldn't Really be able to get away with behaving that way.

The people making those posts missed one Important little detail:

G'Kar is almost certainly There as a guest/emmisary of Delenn & Sheridan.

And the Ranger Council Knows he was sent by them.
They are Not going to mess around with somone who was sent by Entil'Zha.

G'Kar is also taking advantage of Minbari Manners.
They aren't quite sure how to handle someone who doesn't follow the proper Rituals.

There is a parallel in Japanese culture.
Manners and Politeness are ingrained at the level of Reflex in the average Japanese.

Enter rude Gaijin. Particularly American gaijin.
Americans who go to Japan to do business frequently do and say things that would be Unthinkable to a Japanese.

The Japanese businessmen they are dealing with have developed a way of dealing with them:
They treat them as if they were Drunk.
Or children who haven't quite learned how to talk.

IOW, they ignore 99% of what the gaijin do and say.
Which is exactly how they tend to treat NON violent Drunks.
Pretend it never happened.

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At best, it will break your heart.
At worst, it will get you dead."

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