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Human colonies...



The Earth Alliance has 24 colonies in 14 systems, can we name them all?
I don't believe so.
I don't know how much discussion there has been on this subject.
Ummm, I don't know any of the systems outside of Sol, but here goes on the colonies. Does this include Earth? Probably not, but what the hell? *ahem* Earth, Mars, Proxima 3 (maybe others in the Proxima system?), Beta Durani, Io, Luna, Ganymede, ummm, and there are others mentioned in the novelization of In the Beginning that I can't grab off the top of my head. Well, it's an ok start, i guess.

I just remembered something about Proxima 3 and Orion......7? breaking away after the martial law declaration. Am I crazy, or is that also an Earth colony?

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President Santiago was going on a 5 planet tour of the solar system, ending with Io. So it seems safe to assume that Luna, Mars, Ganymede, Europa, and Io are the only colonies in the system.
Other colonies:

Proxima 3:
This is apparently one of the more important colonies.

Beta Durani:
The midrange military outpst here fell to the minbari advance on the day of the Battle of the Line. It had a colony and a military base, according to "The Excersize of Vital Powers".
It is a domed archeological colony with a population of 600 according to "Rangers".

Beta Colony:
Malcolm Bridges of the Liandra is from Beta Colony. The EAS Heracles was in for repairs at Beta 9 after the battle of Proxima 3. The prison system on Beta 7 was loyal to Clark until his death. It is unclear which of these worlds "Beta Colony" refers to.

The Orion System:
Orion 7 was a colony bombed by Clark. The resistense on this world was never mentioned again.
Orion 4, a world Garibaldi worked on.

MacArthur Midrange Colony:
This place was mentioned in "Moments of Transition." It was accepting refugees from worlds bombed by Clark, I believe.

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Vega Colony:
The Charon was headed to Vega colony on a routine security check in "A Call to Arms". Vega OUTPOST was also the destination of the Hyperion. The bomber from "Convictions" stole bombs from the mines of Vega 7.

Deneb 4 was a colony Captain Jack claimed to be from in "Racing Mars"

Amador and Pepinia:
Apparently colonies mentioned on the front of Universe Today in "The Gathering". Can anyone confirm this?

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A thought: maybe the reference was to EA members, not colonies. If so, then the various countries of Earth (Russian Consortium, etc) might be included in the count. Hmm, while we're on the topic, anyone know how that works? Does the Russian Consortium get the same voice in the Senate as say, Mars (pre-liberation) or Io? Or are they considered a colony, and not a member? Maybe just governed by earth.

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No, it was stated that humanity had "2 dozen colonies".
Wasn't it mentioned that there were 112 senators in the Earth Alliance in one Crusade episode? I could be mistaken.

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It is mentioned in one of the book trilogies, the Psi Corp one I believe, that Beta colony is a common colony name. The secondary colony in a system is often named beta. It should probably considered equal to New in many American place names. New England and New Orleans come to mind.

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^That could be confusing.

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1. Moon
2. Mars
3. Phobos
4. Deimos
5. Io
6. Ganymede
7. Europa
8. Proxima 3
9. Orion IV
10. Orion VII
11. Vega VII
12. Deneb IV
13. Arisia 3
14. Beta 9
15. Beta 7
16. Beta Durani
17. Regula IV
18. Theta 49
19. Ceti Gamma II
20. New Kobe
21. New California
22. New Jerusalem
23. Cyrus 3
24. Janos VII
25. Amador
26. Pepinia
27. Sinzar
28. Flinn
29. Jericho 3
30. Disney planet
31. Betegeuse 6
32. Betegeuse 4
33. Nippon (I know)
34. New London station
35. Canton I
36. Canton III
37. Kandhi 3
38. Berlin II
39. Delphi IV
40. Myoto VI
41. Cooke 2
42. Cooke 3
43. Dakota I
44. Dakota II
45. Dakotat
46. Leonis 5
47. Leonis VII
48. Sirrius 3
49. Sirius
50. Kapteyns
51. Ceti
52. Ceti II
53. Tau Ceti IV
54. Wolf 5
55. Signet
56. Ross IV
57. Eridani 3

I stuck the ones I came across in a .doc file, now I have no idea where I got them all from.

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Like I said in the whitestar thread, the figures in B5 are pretty whacky at the best of times.

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"From chaos, order came. As was inevitable." -Summoning light
Disneyplanet is not necessarily a part of the alliance. And Regula 4 is definitly not a member.
The title says human colonies, so that's what ya get.

Marc Cosgrove

"From chaos, order came. As was inevitable." -Summoning light

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