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close is the cast of B5 right now?

I read that "G'kar"(Katsulas), "Londo"(Jurasik)and "Garibaldi"(Doyle) are buddies, but what about the rest of the cast-- Boxleitner et al. plus JMS et al. in the production staff?


I have heard that Bruce Boxleitner and Jerry Doyle are quite good friends and play tennis together. Pat Tallman and husband Jeffrey Willerth keep in touch with quite a few of the old cast through their web page. Also Pat and Claudia Christian have worked together on a couple of things.

Bill Mumy has quite a life apart from tv and has worked with Peter David on a script. Bill is a musician and has a small band or group and has done several recordings.

I think they all keep in touch occasionally but not on a regular basis. They're all working on different projects.

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One way to check this out would be to lookup their convention appearance schedule.

For instance, "Marcus" & "Dr. Franklin" tend to show up at conventions Together.

They've developed a bit of a "two man show" convention schtick. Last time I saw them, they were doing an Acting Workshop thing for the fans. I.E., teaching the fans how to act and do improv...

Whether this is a Good Idea, well, the jury is still out.

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Jomar, is that an official Tallman/Willerth page? If so, could you give the URL? When I did a search on them in Yahoo, I got a bunch of questionable links that didn't look very official.


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The URL you are look for is The Galactic Gateway


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