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HOw would the Shadows and others in the B5 yniverse stack up against those in the Sta


Okay lets try this, How would the Shadows,Vorlons,Mimbari, Centuri and others, including Thirdspace, fare against the Races and Major powers in Stargate Sg1 and Alantis, this can include the System Lords, the Ascended, Ori, the Aschen, The Tolan, Asgards, Nox ect. this one is wide open.:cool: Okay lets really open this anything goes to Other scfi universes would you like to see the B5 Race against what adversaries this includes all of science fiction books or tv series or movies any think you can think of .
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I think that a bunch of worms depending on human hosts like the Goa'Ulds are pretty dumb and they are no match for The Vorlons,the Shadows or even some of the younger races.I still haven't seen most of SG-1 but I don't think that they are so advanced.
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I would love to see how the Vorlons and maybe the Shadows would far against the Replicators, that to me would be an interesting contest. as for system lords lets see what the Mimbari or the Centuri could do against the kind of fire power of the that Gou'ald possess.:cool: Or how about the the Third space aliens vs the Ascended or the Ori, that could be fun. I would love to see thirdspace beings taken down a peg or two.
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Imagine Mimbari warrior cast vs the Jaffa in had to hand combat,fighting pick versus enegery staff, I think the Mimbari Star Rider clan and Neeroon would really have a battle on their hands thogh I would give the edge here to the Mimbari warrior cast, given their fighting skills Death Gliders vs Mimbari fighters that would actually be a very close battle, I have no proof of this but I think that the Stealth devise might not be of effective on Gou'ld ships. In the case of the capital ships the system lord s would have an edge on sheer fire power alone and their forcefield technology might give them an edge in that battle. But in terms of strategic planning the Mimbari ace very cleaver, Who would win, Edge system lords, but it would very nasty massive casualties type of battle for both sides.
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Another fictional world to get interesting combinations with, might be that of the Culture (by Iain M. Banks)

Unlike the civilizations depicted in Babylon 5, which are fairly homogenous in the capabilities of their member creatures, the Culture would add a player of great variability into the game.

Its people range from ordinary biological humanoids to autonomous drones with human-like cognitive powers but physical abilities far beyond a garden variety droid... and from there onward to composite creatures formed by a swarm of micro- or nanomachines (rare and usually created for combative roles), and ship minds with capabilities somewhat similar of First Ones (including a preference for dwelling in hyperspace, since in the Culture universe, that enables them to achieve greater computing speed).

How the Culture would interact with an outright hostile power could be predictable (and the rest would be a matter comparing physical advantages)... but how the Culture would interact with another civilization which likes infiltration and subversion (like the Shadows) would be interesting, especially if the other nosy civilization would be too secretive for being influenced the same way, and too homogenous in the capabilities of its members to find a weaker spot.

Pressure from Shadows would create a difficult question for the Culture - namely how to protect its less capable inhabitants from being manipulated. The response of the Culture might well be presenting the Shadows with proof of their strategy being suboptimal, leading to great pointless waste and needless homogenization of the Culture in addition to galactic war... and upon that proof, with promises of material support added for good measure, to request any Shadow who cares to sabotage the work of their fellow Shadows, and thus prevent pointless escalation.

In short, the Culture just about might... have a reforming influence on Shadows. :D

As for ships, there is one front where Culture ships win before any conflict occurs. That front is naming. You just can't beat a ship... which named itself "Ultimate Ship the Second", "I Blame My Parents" or "Poke it With a Stick". :D
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Having read Ian Banks I agree the Culture would literally take them over as a wholly owned subsidiary like they did with the Idrians. I would love to see the B5 races in this universe. in fact i you've given me a great idea lets open it up.
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Just one letter for you "Q"


N'uff said.
That however, might be impossible in settings where causality has a stronger presence.

And even if causality were discounted, the "Excession" thingy from the Culture stories would have a few reservations, since being a conduit of travel between universes and/or times, it seemed to have quite remarkable leeway for either violating causality, or merely picking a suitable causality to maximize its convenience.

(Which naturally got the natives, Culture among them, way too excited, prompting the Excession to disappear and position itself elsewhere, as to avoid causing too much disruption.)
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Puzzel we could defintitlyuse some of you imput on a few other threads namely the Caprica thread ,Doctor who thread and the BSG thread among other threads you've got some very interesting incites on things science fiction.
I would love to see the ThirdSpace Aliens run into the entity known as Negaellum, it would be fun seeing. I think this would be one of the first times that the Thirdspace aliens would experience real fear and for them that would be a really good thing.
I think the the replicators would fair quite well in the B5 universe. I think they would have a field day with vorlons encounter suits. The replicators have been able to modify organics so they should be able to take over their ships. Earth tech would be a joke to the replicators, centauri ships to would not be able to stand to the replicators no shields no way to slow them down. The system lords have stolen tech, but they are strong they have shields and that should allow them survive long enough to take out most foes in the b5 universe. Their warp systems would allow them a greater tactical advantage since they could choose where to warp out. Some tech in the b5 universe can do that but they are not a prevailent in that universe. The Ancients of sg1 universe technology is greater than the system lords and destroy ships even with shields so they should be able to deal with most enemies. Third space might be a problem from them but then they are in third space and they would need a gate to get to the b5 universe and the gateway can be taken out. The ancients have cloke and time travel so its most likely all net for them. The SG1 universe has some pretty nice tech, I have not scratch the surface of what they have show for their 10 seasons of storytelling.

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