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How Many Rangers Will Appear on Jeremiah?

We've already seen one Ranger manifest himself on Jeremiah. Given that JMS is running (or "did run" or "ran," depending on SciFi) both shows, and that the main characters in both shows have the same age range -- do you think we'll see much more cast cross over?
I don't think there will be many, especially if Rangers ends up being a go. Takes alot of work and time for an actor to do one show. Also, unless they looked remarkably different from one role to the next, it would be more than obvious who they were. Don't think JMS is the type to want to "overuse" an actor. Even if they are good. Just my opinion.

Well, if Rangers is a "go," you may be right.

However, in the unfortunate event that Rangers is not picked up, it would be nice to see these familiar faces. First of all, not everyone watching Jeremiah will have also seen B5LR. Second, since actors always need work, I think JMS will share the wealth with people he's done well with in the past.

As to "overusing," well... with an original concept from the ST: TOS episode Miri, characters and plot points from Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome, and the underground base motif from Jeremiah's Showtime stablemate, Star Gate: SG-1, -- how much of an issue can "overusing" be?
Since they would both be drawing from the Vancouver area talent pool, I would expect to see a great deal of cross-over in their guest and recurring actors. The full time regulars would probably be relatively rare, just because of scheduling issues. Of course, if their shooting schedules are different enough you might see a bit more of it.

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