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How many B5 movies r there? and some more Q


And do you think we'll see them on DVD?

Just finished watching B5 S1.
I have to say, this season is far better then I remembered and Sinclair great and the whole introduction to things to come are, with lack of a better word, amazing.

I love B5; I can't shake the images out of my mind (that's what happen after a marathon of 7 episodes strait).

Any ways, finishing the last episode just now I was wondering, will they make DVD's of the B5 movies?

O, and another thing, here in Israel we had some episode broadcast as "the lost episode of B5" I remember them vaguely (due to the fact that I learned from them to late and watched a bad tape of them)… one of them was about a ranger in disguise as an hermit in a world where Sheridan and rest are myth and there was something there, in the end that was (I think) Sheridan hair or something but he was a "Vorlon" of a sort… does this make sense?
O and there was this one where there was a debate on Sheridan and suddenly Dellen appeared, looking very old, and gave them a speech about Sheridan and how real he was…

The movies are:
1. The Gathering
2. Babylon 5: In the Beginning
3. Thirdspace
4. The River of Souls
5. A Call to Arms
6. The Legend of the Rangers

The Gathering and In the Beginning are already on DVD! We'll see about the otherones!

As for "the lost episode of B5", it's The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, the last episode of season 4, so it's not that lost at all I would say!

The best site for that kind of general info about B5 is http://www.midwinter.com/lurk
Two of the TV movies have already been released on DVD:

The Gathering (2257) The series pilot. The final ambassador from a major alien race arrives on the station – Kosh, of the mysterious Vorlon Empire. But someone tries to kill him as soon as he comes aboard, and Sinclair is framed for the attempted murder.

In the Beginning (2240s) In the year 2278 an aged Londo Mollari tells the story of the Earth-Minbar War, which inspired the Babylon Project, to two Centauri children. Contains “spoilers” for the series, and the consensus is that the film should not be watched until after S4.

The two films were issued on DVD in the U.S. (R1, NTSC video) in December 2001 on a single, two-sided disc. They were also released in the U.K. (R2, PAL) on separate discs in the spring of this year.

The remaining TV movies in chronological order:

Thirdspace (2261) takes place after the S4 episode, "Atonement". An ancient artifiact threatens to open a gateway to a parallel universe, the home to a race even older and more powerful than the Vorlons.

This film falls within the year covered by S4, so I would imagine it will be released separately but around the same time as that season.

All of the other films take place after 2262, which is the year in which all but one of the S5 episodes take place. Therefore I suspect they will be released around the same time that S5 arrives in stores, probably November 2004.

River of Souls (2263) Set six months after the main action of season 5, this adventure involves a Soul Hunter pursuing a scientist who has "stolen" a collection of souls to Babylon 5.

The Legend of the Rangers (2265) A Human Ranger is given a second chance after he disobeys the Ranger code - assigned to command an old and reportedly haunted ship on what should be a routine mission.

A Call to Arms (2266) John Sheridan assembles a strange team of allies as he tries to head-off an attack by the Drakh, servants of the Shadows.

The end of ACtA sets up the situation the exists at the beginning of the short-lived B5 sequel series, Crusade, but it does not feature the main cast of the series and is not a "pilot" film for it.

The "lost episode" (not "episodes") you are referring to is "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars", the last episode of season 4. It features a Human Ranger in approximately 1,000,000 C.E. watching historical vignettes involving the Rangers from the years 2262, 2362, 2762 and 3262, including the incidents you remember.

"Deconstruction" was a last-minute episode, actually produced as the first show of the S5 production run. When S4 ended it was believed it would be the final season, and therefore the series finale, "Sleeping in Light" (set in 2281) was filmed as episode 422. When the series was later picked up for a fifth season it was in reruns in the U.S., and the final four new episodes of season 4 had not yet aired. "Deconstruction" was made in time to be substituted for "Sleeping in Light" as 422, and "SiL" ultimately aired as the final episode of S5 (and the series), 522. I don't know if the airing schedule was different in Israel. It is possible that they just aired the 21 completed S4 episodes when they got them, and later aired "Deconstruction" when it became available. But it was never a "lost episode" in the U.S. or the U.K.


I always wondered exactly when 'Thirdspace' is supposed to happen. We know that it is after 'Atonement', but there is not a time after that when all the characters in the movie are on the station together.

The only slot that I can find is during 'The Illusion of Truth' in the two weeks between the filming and broadcast of the ISN report.

Is there an official answer?
I don't know how "official" an answer this is but this is what the B5 Timeline site says:

<font color="orange">Early June (2261)

Delenn is recalled to Minbar to resolve a problem concerning her relationship with Sheridan, and must finally face up to her role in the Earth-Minbari War. Sheridan sends Marcus and Franklin to Mars on a secret mission.

The crew finds an alien artifact in hyperspace [This episode, based on internal evidence, takes places during the episode "Atonement"].</font color>
The Lurker's Guide to B5 makes a good case for the movie's falling after "Atonement" and before "The Illusion of Truth". The only "continuity" issue is the fact that Zack is in his Army of Light uniform in the movie, and then is seen with the Mibari tailors having the uniform fit in "Illusion". But this is only a problem if you assume that the scene in "Illusion" is when Zack first gets the uniform. If you assume he gets it earlier than that, then the scene in "Illusion" is Zack taking it back for alterations after wearing it for awhile. Given his (probably psychosomatic) feeling that it "doesn't fit right" (because he doesn't think his new position "fits" him) this actually makes perfect sense. It is also possible that the uniform needed repairs after the fighting in Thirdspace, and that the Minbari are adjusting the fit after patching it.

Anyway, I found their explanation plausible, and JMS has never contradicted it.


I had forgotten about the discontinuity with Zack's uniform.

Thanks for confirming what I think I had worked out last time I watched season 4. Not knowing exactly where 'Thirdspace' sits is one of the reasons why it is my least favourite of all the movies. That and the fact that Marcus wasn't in it /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

I know I am in a minority with this, and the fact that I like 'River of Souls' /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

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