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How do we get in the chat room?

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Mike G

How do we get in the Chat Room? Is there a link from this site?
If you go to www.trutopia.net and log on to #b5tv.

We are exploring a more permanent chat room... but it's just finding an appropriate applet that's the problem.
You have to have some kind of a chat software, like irc or something. Many people use MIRC. I took Kribu's advice and downloaded PIRCH for free. And I think there is a way to get to the chat room through paradise.trutopia.net or irc.paradise.trutopia.net. But I just use PIRCH and then go through irc.trutopia.net like Antony said.

I hope someday Antony's plan to have celebrity chats might come to pass. :cool:
Mike G, but there is an applet at Trutopia too.

Hyp, there will be celeb chats... but this is why I need to get the right chat room that will support such things.

Tygir, it didn't work properly, display wise, becuase I wanted it integrated directly with the site... so I really need to find another option. And the new chat room will be self-contained.
Oh, Antony, I am delighted to hear you say the celeb chats are still in your plans. When I used to go to scifi.com a lot I just loved their celeb chats! :D Well, and author chats and such, too.

Of course there was the day JMS was chatting and he got cut off about half way through. He didn't know he'd been cut off and so he kept answering questions. IT was botched pretty badly, I must say. :( But what we did hear from him was great.

And that man can type FAST! :LOL: And without mistkaes the vast, vast majority of the time. :cool:
I loved talking with Alex, way back in the day. :)

I can't believe I missed that one chat with JMS! I was so upset when I came in and found out he'd been there!
I don't remember Alex. It was awhile ago, and I don't chat there anymore. The 20 or so minutes we had with JMS was great. If only Ant could get JMS to come to a celeb chat here. :D :cool:

Right now I think I'd love to see Peter Woodward in a chat. I really should try to catch when his stuff gets repeated on the History Channel, especially if it happens this summer. What little I saw of his Egypt special was just delightful. Interesting and fun, too. When he spoke of how the ancient Egyptian workers shaved their heads and then put on wigs he had some fun with that, I remember. :LOL:
Well, hope I can see you there tomorrow 2:30 EST or around there. We've had a good group in the chat room lately. It may start closer to 1:30 EST. Or whenever people want to chat. :)

I went there just to see if it was all working sometime ago. Whenever I see Derian's humorous message, I know I'm in the right room. :LOL: (MFTBPO) :LOL:
Well, can't you come in an hour earlier then? :p

Actually, with people staying there all day, it doesn't matter how early you show up. There's still plenty of time to gab. :LOL:
If we could swim laps at the pool anytime then I could. But they have strict lap hours and I have to go when I can. I could probably get in and back half an hour early if I weren't so lazy on Saturday mornings. :LOL:
The sad part is, it's not the swim that I drag my feet about. It's the drive. I drive about an hour or an hour and a few mintues for an hour-long swim. It's the drive I usually want to avoid. :LOL:
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