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His Dark Materials trilogy


Beyond the rim
Anyone here read this trilogy by Philip Pullman?
It's another case in which I tremble at how it will be portrayed on film.
Read the books, loved them.

And contrary to popular myth, as a Christian I can say I was never offended by the whole "anti-religion" thing - the church (as opposed to God) can come across exactly as portrayed in the trilogy (well, perhaps not EXACTLY as portrayed) all too often.

I was just disappointed with the slightly cliched ending, given everything that had gone before. However, the books actually weren't written with thirtysomethings like me in mind, so I can forgive that.

Loved them. Paradise Lost/ Pilgrims Progress retold. Excellent books that work on so many levels. Make Harry Potter look like the trite rubbish we all suspect it is.

By all accounts, the movie is based upon the excellent stage adaption that is currnetly selling out here in the west end a year in advance!!!

May not be total pap.

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