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Highlander S1 dvd set


Heh. Am I the only one here who picked this up? I remember watching this show quite a bit when I was younger, so I got it at Best Buy a couple days ago. I've watched 9 episodes so far. I was a bit surprised, I could have sworn a couple of the episodes I've seen already took place much later, but that can't be, because of Tessa and Richie (fans will know what I'm getting at here). Oh, and you gotta love early 90s fashion! Hehe.. Highlander has one of those theme songs that I have never gotten tired of hearing, so I've watched the beginning and ending credits every single time. lol

The video quality could be improved, certainly, but I suppose they weren't thinking of people watching the show on DVD format disks and 1280x1024 resolution LCD screens back in 92-93. I have no complaints with the audio, I've been able to understand a lot of what's going on in spite of the no captions/subtitles. (I am still very dissapointed about that, though) I have no idea if it has Dolby Sci Fi Whatchamacallit Surround Sound, since the difference is utterly lost on someone who thinks cd quality and radio quality sound sounds exactly the same. I haven't watched the extras DVD yet, but I like the Watcher Files they have on every episode, though it does tend to give some things away, so be careful.

I've been hearing that the set I bought in Best Buy is different than the set the Highlander website apparently offered a couple months ago, for about $30 more. I've no idea what the differences may be between them, though.

Any thoughts? Or am I the odd woman out here? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Hi! I was thinking on purchase it but haven't yet. Did the dvd have bloopers? Or what more extras it have? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I don't plan on picking it up. I bought the first season awhile back on VHS, and even bought a Duncan "Katana" (mine's razor sharp). Then, I guess I just got tired of all the quickenings with bigger and more elaborate fireworks over time. Same ol' same 'ol. /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif
I was just watching Highlander the movie earlier today and was thinking about the series and lo and behold, here is a thread about it. I would love to get the series on DVD sometime because I really didn't even get into the show until the 2nd season and even then I missed some since it was moved around alot in syndication in my area.
and meanwhile, I'm finding out the episodes I saw years ago must all have been in the first season. I remember almost every episode on this set, and I'm surprised how many episodes I thought happened much later in the show actually happened this season. Memory is a weird thing, I guess. I suppose this means I will have some surprises for me in the later seasons. For example, I've seen talk of Methos online, but I have no clue who he is.

As for extras, there are Watcher Chronicles for every episode, giving info on the mortals and immortals, though these tend to give out spoilers. There's a making of special on the 8th dvd, along with a 10 minute bloopers real. Parts of that blooper reel is pretty mature humor, so don't let the little kiddoes see it. The 9th dvd is taken up wholly by the shooting scripts for every episode. I haven't looked at those yet, just concentrating on the episodes for now. They should have captioned the episodes, though. If they got the scripts in front of them, what's so hard about typing up the subtitles and captions?

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