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Heroes New Season


For those of you like me, naive enough to give Heroes one more chance, the new season starts tonights (seems to be a 2 hour premiere, and hopefully will be much better this season, now that last season finished the retooling, I hope)
I have it set to record,. but I didn't finish watching last season. I'm trying to decide if I will or if I'll just start fresh tonight.
so fucking bad, how can a show be so bad and yet get renewed, i thought the end of last season was awful but it has set a new benchmark in stink.

i'll keep watching though but only due to Hiro's inherent awesomeness, the second he's dead (which will probably never happen) i'll switch off.
I only had a chance to watch the first half hour so far, but, I was pleasantly surprised that they are playing up the drama and exploring the morality of what Angela and Noah coerced Matt to do at the end of last season. I take it you all thought it went downhill from there? hoping to finish watching it by the end of the week
Wait two episodes -- Claire will find a reason to hate Noah again.
Then wait two more, and she'll find a reason to consider him Dad of the Year again.

Three years, and still no Peter/Sylar faceoff. The storylines behind every single character have been one-dimensional and boring, with Noah Bennett being the only really interesting character. Funny, that ... he's one of the few who doesn't have powers.

The whole thing with Traci/Nikki/Jessica/whatever the fuck her name is this week IS STUPID. They've made no headway in three years with Ali Larter's character(s).

I'm sick of them introducing half a new cast every year. Build the characters you have! Make them interesting! Tie storylines together instead of making each season seem like it has little to do with the one before it.

This show had SO much potential, but it's failed in almost every way possible.
Ok, so I finished season 3. Holy krikey. The writers for season 3 need to be punched in the junk, OR, the powers that be who forced them to write that festering turd of a season. Too many plot holes and contrivances to count. It felt like one big cluster-frack of high school writing 101.

Spoiler for :

Hey, introduce interesting characters like Speedster and even puppet guy, then kill them off. Or, even better, have Claire go through some big, long soul-searching about helping the dude she loathes, then make all of that for naught by having him captured by Sylar and toasted.

I did enjoy Micah. I think he's doing some good stuff with his abilities, though I found the whole, "I told Sylar he can be a good guy like us and he'll let me go" thing to be really lame.

That said . . .

I thought the opener for season 4 was promising. It felt far more polished in terms of writing. The second and third episode were also better. I guess one could say that I gagged down season 3 in order to get all the backstory.

I'll catch up with all of season 4 over the next few days.

I honestly don't mind the new characters. The carnival folks seem interesting to me. The show seems to be taking a little more time. But, the whole "omgZ Nathan remembers some girl dying in a pool" and then being buried by Millie McWASP's handyman . . . uhh . . . why? I found it really interesting that Nathan was remembering Sylar things (with the clock in particular) and Nathan's "good conscience" VS Sylar was really cool.

I like Traci ok. I like her abilities/powers, and she's interesting. BUT, I also miss Nikki. I would really love seeing her in Traci's mirror someday and having her return.

Right now, it feels like they're trying to clean up the mess from the previous writers. I'm interested again. I may change my mind after a few more episodes.

I still wonder what happened to invisible guy-Claude, though.

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