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Help with the cookies?


I have had a problem for quite some time, it includes this site, and quite frankly is most annoying to me at this site.

My cookies don't seem to be doing their job. Threads show up having new posts when they don't. I'm sorry, I know this issue was addressed some time ago, but I can't find the thread that talked about it.

Any advice? It is something that effects other boards, too, but I thought I'd ask here first. :eek:
The main "Forums" menu, always works for me. But the actual threads, oftentimes do not update after I have looked in a thread. Although other times they work fine. I assumed it was the site. I just go to my home, and mark everything read, when I'm done looking at everything that says it needs to be looked at.
Ditto. I have that problem from time to time, especially after I go into the 3 Diamond party in Babbleon. Once I go into that thread, I frequently have to log out and in to reset the cookies.
I suppose this is a case of my having an "cold" at the same time as a "flu"

I am having problems at Kribu's site, too, but in a different way.

O.K. Well then here there is a separate problem, I gather? Not a huge one, by any means, but it isn't just me.

hypatia, log out then back in again as Markas said.

It's due to database records getting stuck.

The cookie doesn't contain information on where you've been, just who you are so the system can fish out your post status.

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