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Hello and a question...


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Hi everyone... I just discovered this site yesterday. Anyway, I was wondering what, besides the comics, episodes, telemovies, Crusade, and the novels (7, 9, psi, techno, centuari, and novelizations) is considered to be canon. Thanks!

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To answer your question, there are some short stories that take place in the B5 universe, as well as unfilmed Crusade scripts that I think are considered canon.

Other than those, you pretty much covered everything. Sounds like you've got a great background in B5!

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This place has a forum for just about anything Scifi. I usually stick with B5 Crusade, and LOTR.

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Book number 7 is about seventy percent canon. Book number nine about ninety. The trilogies are considered canon save for a few details, Captain Sinclair instead of Commander in one of the Centauri books comes to mind.

If there is any conflict between the shows and the books the shows obviously take pressident(sp: I looked it up and can't find it in the dictionary).

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