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Hello and a Promotion


I just found these forums and decided to join to tell you about Proxima Fleet. :p

Proxima Fleet is a Babylon 5 RPG Club.

The Proxima Fleet is (or will be) like a club/clan, but more involved. The aim is to recreate the life of an Officer or Pilot in Earthforce. This means Squadrons & Ships, ranks, positions and career progression, it means medals and awards, a salary system, a military "way" of running things etc.

More than that, its a club for fans of Babylon 5 and The Babylon Project. Activity ranges from flying missions & campaigns, writing fiction, creating graphics, communicating with fellow members via IRC, message boards, email etc, all of which is recognised and rewarded.

To my knowledge, nothing like this has been done for Babylon 5 (unlike Star Wars, which has a lot of clubs like this), except for 303 Squadron (which is on a somewhat smaller scale).

These are still early days, with a lot of work still to be done. I'm looking for all the interest and help I can get. People with skills such as mission creation (FRED), graphics, webpages, databases etc are sorely needed. But the bulk of the club will be focused on pilots, who enjoy flying more than anything.

So the club is based on a PC game FreeSpace 2 total conversion, The Babylon Project.

Our main site is under construction as well as the Pilot's Manual. And other areas need more work too.

Check the forums and the manual for more info. :)

Proxima Fleet Forums
Pilot's Manual

If this is a wrong forum for this, please move it to right one. :)

Oh, and, Hello. ;)
Hello indeed!

I will be downloading and playing The Babylon Project in the next few days... Will see how my piloting skills have held up!
Hello, you're promoted to 2nd level acolyte, with responsibility for recruiting in the northern provinces. :p
Nice to see replies. Our main site is under construction, but hopefully it's done soon. There other things to do as well before the club is fully set up.

Hopefully here there are people here with interest in joining. ;) Feel free to ask questions at this topic or in guest forum at PF forum. :)
Primus, I've registered at the Proxima Fleet and have started playing The Babylon Project... but I can't hit anything! Any hints or tips - do you know any good guides?

Hi. Thanks for registering. :)

Sorry, I don't know any good guides.

But start on very easy difficulty level. Aim carefully and then shoot couple of shots. Don't shoot all the time (meaning don't hold the shoot button down) as it will consume the weapon energy.
Also, use 'match target speed'. That way your ship's speed will change according to the target. And try to stay behind the bogey.
Remember to use your wingmen wisely.

If you need more help, post at the Proxima Fleet's The Babylon Project forum.

Again, thanks for registering and welcome to the Proxima Fleet. :)
I hope more poeple will follow you. :p
Hehe... I'm getting the hang of it - I practised on some Raiders. It's just like in the show!

Hmmm... wingmen - next order of business...

Anubody else here play spacey fighter shoot 'em up games? Its top fun; I've been engaging raiders when a Hyperion came out of space with all guns blazing. And I got toasted by a Sharlin on the Line...

However, I haven't seen c-beams glitter or attack ships on fire by some Greek chap's belt. ;)