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I've been seeing previews for the movie Hellboy. Quite frankly I don't know what to make of it. There are some reputable names among the cast, but it just seems like a strange movie to me. Anyone else have any thoughts on it?

Here's what the imdb has about it.
Ron Perlman is in it.
Ron Perlman plays Hellboy.
Ron Perlman kicks ass.

Nothing on Earth is gonna keep me from seeing this movie. :D
This has the scent of a rental. I'm not saying it will be bad just that I can't see myself saying one(everyone I know thinks it looks like pure cheese) for Hellboy.

Also I recently watched Blade II again on cable. Not good.
This really does seem like a movie I'd never watch, unless I was hanging out with a group of people who had rented it or something. Even then I'd probably make a drinking game of it. :D
Well, I saw it, and now I'm trying to find a friend who hasn't seen it yet, so I can see it again. :)

Guillermo Del Toro didn't give in to Hollywood studios asking for Hellboy to be more of a Hulk character, or to have a car, or a pet dog, etc. He stuck to the comic book's original vision, and his original vision of having an actor play the lead role who didn't happen to be a box office action star.

Hellboy gets it right. The story focuses on the characters, not the action. They don't go light on the CGI by any means, but it only helps the movie.

It doesn't matter if you've never read the comic. The whole story is explained, and it doesn't take half the movie to do it.

Del Toro shopped the movie around for 6 years before Revolution finally picked it up. Studios wanted him to have a big-name action star play the lead role. We see how well that worked for Daredevil, the Batman franchise, and the upcoming Catwoman, which seems to have fallen short of everyone's expectations. Just to get a famous actor.

Del Toro said, "The thing I told studios again and again, and this is something that demonstrates how Hollywood thinks, I said to them, 'If I told you Hellboy was a $30 million (computer-animated) character, you guys would be happy. But if I tell you [Ron Perlman] is the right actor, you're not. What an obscene contradiction.'" And he's absolutely right. Perlman knocked it out of the park on this one. I can't imagine anyone else playing the part as well as him. The posture, voice, and presence of Perlman really gave Hellboy his unique persona. I can go online now and read Hellboy webisodes on Dark Horse Comics' website and I hear his voice when I read Hellboy's dialog.

David Hyde Pierce (Niles on Frasier) supplies the voice for Abraham Sapien, Hellboy's aquatic partner. I wish they'd used Abe a bit more in this movie, but suffice to say there is LOTS of potential for sequels here.
i'm itching for this, BUT...

the release date in the UK has been pushed to September. It was supposed to be out in May. Why? :confused:
I like Perlman and Del Torro, this does sound very cool.

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