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HBO's Carnivale Cancelled

Re: HBO\'s Carnivale Cancelled

Oh man, I started renting season 1 from netflix and have watched the first two episodes. Should I then even bother continuing?
Re: HBO\'s Carnivale Cancelled

Well, Season 2's ending is enough of an ending to give the show a little finality, so if you're enjoying the first season, I'd say it's worth continuing.
Re: HBO\'s Carnivale Cancelled

Keep watching GE. It's a good show and does sort of wrap up at the end of S2, although there was certainly room for more.

I really enjoyed the show, but started to worry that it may get cancelled when the second season started. It took season 2 like 5 episodes or so to really get going and I thought the "slow start" may affect how successful it would be.

I'm sad to see it go. :(
Re: HBO\'s Carnivale Cancelled

I've been prepared for this. The ratings at the beginning of the second season indicated where things would go, as did the speeding up of the story to bring some finality.

But I'd recommend to anyone that they watch it all; two seasons of that was better than five seasons of another show.
Re: HBO\'s Carnivale Cancelled

This is sad, indeed. It was the only TV drama I watched. I may cancel HBO, not as a protest, but because my cable rates have gone through the roof, and the only other thing I watch on HBO is Bill Maher.

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