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Harry Potter to appear Nude with Uncle Vernon


Dan Radcliffe (Now 17) to appear in a Play with a nude scene in January. News story says there are doubts he can finish all 7 movies, but, I'm not so sure about that, he's only 17, playing a 15 year old in the 5th movie being filmed now. If the 90210 kids (And so many other High school TV shows) could play High schoolers into their 30s, surely he can play a 16 year old at 18-19 and a 17 year old at 20-21.

I was sort of appalled when I first heard about this, thinking "are they really going to put an underaged actor fully nude on the stage" followed closely by "HARRY POTTER???" But, it isn't until next year and he is older than I thought. He turned 17 last month so he will be close to 18 when he does this show.

I guess Daniel wants to do something quickly to change his image.
Yea, all them kids who flock to a play like "Equus" on the stage.

People keep talking like this is going to be a film. It's not, it's a stage play. :)
He's gonna be in Equus? Wow.

A friend of mine was in my college's production of Equus, in th role Radcliffe's going to be in. (Somehow he skipped out on the fully nude part, but there was some nudity involved from one of the girls in the production... another story entirely, really...) I didn't see him in it because I didn't know him yet, but apparently the play was terrifyingly good, and my buddy scared the living daylights out of everyone.

So yeah, this is likely an image deal. But if Radcliffe can actually get the job done, my respect for him as an actor goes way up.
Yes, what they're talking about above is the rather classic and highly disturbing play, "Equus". I notice everyone posting like little kids "hes Nude, HE'S HUDE!!" and I can't help but wonder what (if anything) they actually know about this play.

As far as his choice of play goes, I'm sure it's controversial nature is part of what attracted him. Yes, an image-breaker. But there is something else to consider.

Actors simply get too old to play certain parts. I've read interviews with several actors (male and female) who have said "and then I realized there were roles I'd wanted to play, but now never could", basically.

Dan is at the exact right age to play the disturbed lead, isn't he? If he waited a couple of years, the production will be long over. (Unless he's producing the production himself :LOL:)

This was a perfect opportunity for him, and will move is career and image in a direction he wants it to go.

Best of luck to him. :cool:
Yea, I really don't see the problem people have with it. By the time this play is on the stage, he'll be old enough to fight and die in War. Surely that would have to be just a little bit more damaging to his psyche. The scene is riding nude on horse, so I would tend to doubt he's gonna be standing there showing full frontal nudity. Goblet of Fire was probably only slightly less risque.

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