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Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix [SPOILERS]


Beyond the rim
SPOILERS BELOW! You've been warned...

Ok, so now that the books been out for a bit, I thought I'd start the spoilers thread.

So what does everyone think?

I thoroughly enjoyed it..... until I got to the end.

This "prophecy" was so blatently obvious from the very beginning of the whole series that it hardly seemed worth all the fuss and energy to even fool with it for nearly 900 pages.

Sure, I can understand why Voldamort would want to get his hands on it, since he didn't know the whole thing, but it's not like it would have provided him with anything new and it hardly seemed worth all that protection.

It would also be nice if Ron showed some character development along with all the others. His actions and lack of perception made sense, when we were reading about an 11 year old boy, but now he's just starting to sound like an idiot, which stinks. I had really liked his character, but it's time for him to grow up a little.

The death of Sirius was needless as far as plot/character advancement. Yes, we will get to see the effects that it has on Harry since he's lost someone so close to him, but he's seen enough death and darkness in his short life that that aspect of his character development is nearly exhausted anyway. Besides, Rowling had the perfect opportunity to explore this avenue with Diggery's death, which Harry wittnessed at Voldamort's hands, but chose to basically ignore the whole event.

Sirius had only been around for two books, and hardly at all in the last one. It would have been more interesting to see his character unfold and to see the relationship develop between he and Harry.

The books just seemed to have so much wasted potential....
Unfortunately, I believe she was pressured too much to get it published sooner. So, yes, I feel that it wasn't as great as the other books. There was so much potential and then...I don't know what happened!

I didn't like Harry in this book. He was too angry and reckless. Yes, I can understand a little bit of teenage defiance, but his was just over the top. It was like, "I'm pratically an orphan, abused, and my parents are dead. Feel sorry for me! Let me wallow in self-pity for the whole book!"

Despite the fact that Sirius was a pretty new character, I still liked him a lot and was devastated to see that Rowling killed him off. My dad keeps saying she'll bring him back. I remain skeptical. Voldemort is not a finicky, child's villian. He's the real thing. And, he wouldn't have Sirius' cousin kill him for nothing...