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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Pics


Mugglenet has a bunch of photos of the tents at the Quidditch World Cup (Fans of the books will know what they are).

Currently it's the top news item (Title of News Item is "New Pics from the QWC" )


I can't wait to see inside the phony Muggle shell of the tents. Buzz is, this one will be both darker and funnier than the previous 3 (as the books are as well). Mike Newell is apparently approaching this one as a Horror flick.
To distract myself recently I reread the series. Of course now I can't wait for the next DVD/movie/book. It would be hard not to be a darker movie considering the tournament's end. Rowling has been quite smart in making the books progressively more adult as many of her readers also age.

I would have to say the character to die next book would have to be Dumbledor. It fits traditional story telling patterns, brings the main character to where he needs to be etc.
Agreed Dr. G, Book 6, I believe Dumbledore will have to die, in order to embolden Voldemort's side, and setup a Hogwarts showdown (Very unlikely the Death Eaters will invade Hogwarts while Dumbledore is alive)

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