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Harrumph! Missing Crusade!



Before i came here i thought i was over the fact that Crusade never really got off the ground. But reading other people's thoughts and feelings on one of my favourite shows has brought it all back! I really wanted Crusade to continue, you just new it was going to go to great places, the characters were all really interesting, the plot just had so many places to go. I'm really sure it would have evolved into such a good show, and now i'm left pondering what might've been.
I also regret not recording all the episodes when they were on, as now my interest in the show has returned, i really want to rewatch, and get more out of the episodes. I know i've got some somewhere, but i'll never find them!!

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I agree. I started watching Crusade during its initial run. I caught the first six or seven episodes and then kind of lost track of it due to my heavy work schedule that summer. I just figured I'd catch back up with it more during the school year when I returned to college. To my disappointment, I returned to school and found out that it had been cancelled. Until it recently began running on the sci-fi channel I figured I'd seen the last of it. But like so many others, I wish it had continued, as I feel it would have been great.

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I just starting watching B5 only about a year ago and decided I'd catch Crusade on its rerun -- I must admit I am impressed. I really hope it gets picked up again. I just started getting into the characters and the show and after Monday it'll be gone <sigh>. Crusade was a nice change from B5. I'm a huge Trek fan and it was nice to see a shift to this format with a ship and a captain, etc. I really would like to see where a great writer like JMS could take it.

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