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Happy 20th Birthday Babylon 5!


Happy 20th 'birthday' to Babylon 5! Today marks 20 years since the first frame of film was shot for "The Gathering".
JMS wrote this post about the day: http://jmsnews.com/msg.aspx?id=1-7455&topic=Spiderman
"We pulled the trigger and got off the first shot on-camera at about 9:30 a.m. I tried, where possible, to stay out of the line of fire, since by this time I was vibrating enough to slide into another dimension, and didn't want to infect anybody else. Went off perfectly.

The main thing, for me, was that today the whole world came alive at the same time (the world of B5). Up until now, it's been pieces...we see the actors. We see the sets. We see the costumes. We see the actors in the sets but not in costume. We see the actors in costume but not on the sets. Finally, there it was at last...all of our characters, in full costume or uniform (and the uniforms look DYNAMITE!), on the sets. It was finally,
fully, completely *real* at last. "

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this show. It's brought many, many people many hours of entertainment, helped form communities and even encouraged some good things to happen in the real world.


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