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HAND Spoilers



Ok, not spoilers (yet anyway) because there is no series. Although I am happy many are on the right track anyway. Some closer than others, while other might be right.

Ok, the HAND is Thirdspace aliens? Maybe. Could go either way here, but there is nothing counting them out yet. So we will have to wait and see for that answer.

Two, the discovered city in LotR was more than likely not an acient HAND city. They deciphered that it told a tale of a force of light ousting the dark force, something the HAND nor it's minions would probably tell of. Perhaps it was a city from Lorien's race or another race. <Also, they deciphered that this ousting happened one million years ago (as told by G'Kar), not millions or billions as some have stated here>.

Third, ALL the FIRST ONES would know of this enemy's ousting (HAND) because it was so recent (recent in First One terms). So do assume they all knew of them, but as another stated above. None of the First Ones expected the HAND to come to our space, or that is my guess as well.

Fourth, I agree with the other postee who mentioned this'll be not as drawn out as the Shadow War. This is consistant with JMS and B5, but time will tell. And only JMS knows who this HAND really is.

Fifth and last, if I'm correct, the HAND actually plays a bigger part in the B5 universe than most realize. Actually hints of them may even be in the original B5 series. Now this is a BIG speculation, but a very likely possibility. I can tell more if you like, but this is long enough. Also you can find me on the SciFi boards.

FJG out.

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Sorry, this topic was meant as a reply to "the HAND speculation" topic. My apologies, I'm new here.

FJG out.

Even good guys die in War
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Actually hints of them may even be in the original B5 series. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
REALLY??? You've piqued (weird word, but I think that's the correct usage) my interest. Where were the hints?

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Welcome aboard, Thunderstrike!

And don't worry, this may happen to everyone, especially new people who aren't used to the board yet.

Anyway, I'm closing this now, since, as you said, the Hand topic already exists.

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