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Halo: The Movie

Possibly. The rights have been optioned, sort of, by themselves. Doesn't mean a studio will want it.

I hope they do though, it'd be cool.

Deus Ex was optioned too, but nothing came of that. A shame, as that'd have been very good too.
I'd like to think this would make a decent movie. Then again, I thought Resident Evil would make a decent movie. Not that it COULDN'T, mind you, but you know what I'm saying. I guess.
I guess it all comes down to if they approaching doing such a movie with the desire to tell a good story, or if they approach it to get a set of "cool shots" and special effects.
And then there's the OTHER factor: if Uwe Boll is directing. And to a lesser extent, if Paul W.S. Anderson is (of course, I'll give him credit for Mortal Kombat, which I thought at LEAST stuck to the basics of the source material in a mostly positive fashion).