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Hadn't seen this before (it's hilarious!)


Hadn\'t seen this before (it\'s hilarious!)

I hadn't even heard of Uncyclopedia before, but it looks fantastic. This page has some fun stuff for B5 fans. Be sure to check out the link under the picture of Kosh.
Re: Hadn\'t seen this before (it\'s hilarious!)

LOL, Some good bits there - nice find KoshFan.

I particularly like the cast descriptions. E.g.

Commander Jeffery Sinclair

A mannequin constructed from a magically animated 2'x4', Sincliar is the first commander of Babylon 5...

Captain John Sheridan

The second commander of Babylon 5 and the poor bastard who's unlucky enough to be saddled with carrying the burden of the plot...

Re: Hadn\'t seen this before (it\'s hilarious!)

Doctor Stephen Franklin

Hired after the Racial Fairness in Sci-Fi Act of 2254, he's the station doctor. And, in accordance with the Standard Cliches In Television act of 2260, he became a drug addict. Then he went around distributing substances in the 'Ghetto Section'. Because all black people everywhere eventually become drug addicts. And/or dealers.

Many sources, however, say this is all Sheridan's fault.

Re: Hadn\'t seen this before (it\'s hilarious!)

This site is just great. The Bush page is a good place to start...

Loved this bit on the B5 page...
Talia Winters

A blond human telepath who starts out loyal to the PsiCorps. Throughout nearly two seasons, she gains telekinetic powers, helps out illegal refugees, and learns to climax people just by squinting. Eventually she is forced to leave as another telepath brings a hidden, dark personality that was inside her.

And NO, that had nothing to do with the PsiCorps or even psionics. It's just that every woman has some sort of 'Psycho-Bitch Switch' waiting to be flipped.
Re: Hadn\'t seen this before (it\'s hilarious!)

The Bush page is a good place to start...

Heh. It USED to be, but now it's just a pile of junk that's about as funny as any livejournal discussion on politics, which is to say not at all. * (Or maybe in a ha-ha-what-idiot-wrote-this-c*** kind of way.)

Start on the front page instead. Featured articles are usually un-bad.

* DISCLAIMER: Wether this is true or not depends on which version of the Uncyclopedia page you're reading. It's possible, however unlikely, that the the page has been transformed into amazing commedy.

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