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GVFX to produce B5LR special effects


<font size="+1">GVFX to produce B5LR special effects</font>
<font size="3">The company to work on the new telemovie is announced</font>

With Netter Digital, the company that produced special effects for Babylon 5, no longer in business, it's been known that a new company was needed to create special effects for the upcoming B5LR telemovie. The Sci-Fi Channel today announced that the company will be GVFX.

The Toronto- and Vancouver-based company, which was formerly known as Gajdecki Visual Effects, has created effects for over 150 major international motion picture and television productions. The company has worked on such sci-fi shows as The Outer Limits and Stargage SG-1. They have been nominated for a string of awards, their most recent being for the Gemini award for best visual effects, in recognition of their work on Total Recall 2070.

You can visit the GVFX website by clicking here.
Seems a good choice. It's a pity though that Netter Digital went out of business. It would've been great to see how far their CGI techniques had advanced since "Crusade".

Or even better, what if they'd been able to get foundation imaging back on board? I'd be drooling just thinking about what they'd be able to do with the B5 universe now. Unfortunately the odds of them geting FI were very slim. For one thing FI will be occupied with the upcoming Series V (They are the primary CGI providers for Voyager if you weren't awares.) Secondly, B5 initally create the in-house studio Netter digital in season four because FI had become too expensive. I doubt that fact will've changed.

None the less, all the best to GVFX, I'm sure they'll do a great job in delivering to us pwetty looking ships and explosions.

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I think GVFX is a good choice. I heard they worked on a miniseries called The Arrow, but I've never heard of it. Has anyone here actually seen it?


RE: Foundation and Netter Digital.

I don't know any of this for a fact, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that Foundation (prior to the Voyager deal) was having financial problems and laying-off employees. Far from their costing too much, Babylonian was concerned that they wouldn't be there. So Doug Netter started Netter Digital with a core group of digital artists that Foundation had just let go.

Then, of course, Foundation landed the Voyager contract and the company came back to life. (Pretty amusing considering the many snide remarks about B5 and its CGI FX that a real studio like Paramount would never use.

For the current movie and possible series Foundation would never have been an option anyway. For a project like this you need the FX house and the production to be in the same city at the very least. There is too much to coordinate between the two, and there is no way this would work with the cast and crew shooting in Vancouver and the FX company in Los Angeles. So the odds were always that they would sign with a local company, of which I'd imagine there are several given Vancouver's popularity as a shooting location.



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I went over to the GVFX site. Read the "History" section--it's funny. I think I like these guys!

I also sent them an e-mail saying I was happy they were going to work on Rangers. Why not send them an e-mail, too?


I'm going to try and do a feature with them on their work, and what they'll do for B5LR. We can hope.

I love the look of their work. I am warming more to CGI more and more, as progress is made. Voyager still doesn't have it right sometimes... Voyager itself looks like it's been sat next to a radiator and melted. Farscape, now that's nice effects....

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Yeah, I also found it amusing that FI ended up doing SFX for Voyager and DS9, after hearing about comments such as "Anyone who works on that ******* show will never work for us" from Paramount execs.

I have to say I've liked the SFX I've seen in Stargate SG-1, so I'm looking forward to seeing what GVFX can do with B5.



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