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Grey Council... [SPOILERS]



I've seen a lot of posts here talking about the Grey Council seeming weak in this show. The problem is, the grey council isn't in the movie. That's the ranger high council.

Straight from the horses mouth:

No, that's not the Grey Council; it was the High Council attached to the
training facility in Tuzenor on Minbar. The Rangers had been under Minbari
guidance for a thousand years, that ain't gonna change in just a couple of
years. The ISA controls the use of the Rangers, but their training and
discipline and organization is Minbari.


No choice, no choice at all.

The Grey Council, also referred to as the Nine, controls Minbari policy in the broadest sense. Considering their previous attitudes, they would never bother with one ship or captain. They would consider it below their dignity, having matters of greater importance to deal with. It might also be outside their expertise.

Yet the Ranger Council seems to rival the Grey Council in one aspect: fear of change and a conservative mindset.

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I knew it was the Ranger High Council in the movie but only because I probably know more than the average fan.
It should have been made clearer in the movie. Anyone familiar with B5 would have logically assumed it was the Grey Council.

I am guessing that it would have been easy to add some text at the bottom of the screen when they first appeared to say who they are since the dialog would have been harder to modify.

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The funny thing here is, if we had seen a row of judges in B5 and were told this was the Supreme Court and then seen another row of judges in Rangers, we would never have assumed it was the same court.

It makes sense to me that an organization that was exclusively Minbari for 1000 years would run things in Minbari fashion. The only new concept here, really, is that lower (or more local) forms of governance also follow the 9-person model that the grey council uses.

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