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Green Lantern 2011


Hadn't seen anything but talk on this before tonight, but, I just saw this trailer when looking for Last Airbender Trailer, and Lo and Behold "Captain Tightpants" (Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly) is the Green Lantern, this could be a very cool movie


Side Note: Way Cool, I finally got an avatar that was perfect for me (many have been fine but this one is perfect), and my current Board title is Techno-Mage, how long has that been (Just since 5K was broken?)
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Re: Green Latern 2010

This is a fan-created trailer. It's good, but Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal Jordan in the official GL movie.
Re: Green Latern 2010

Last thing I heard Fillon was lobbying for was the film adaption of the video game Uncharted because lots of people say he looks like the character, but then that didn't work out.
Re: Green Latern 2010

Old thread... I dug up the old one instead of starting a new one so it's my bad. I guess it looked like the movie was coming out in 2010 when this was posted... & the original trailer was a fan trailer anyway. I hate those. All they do is create confussion.

As much as I'd prefer Fillion to be the Green Lantern he's not... Ryan Renolds is a good actor but he's startin to do every movie they throw at him and I hope he doesn't end up like Steven Segal. That guy used to do ok movies.
Re: Green Latern 2010

If I recall, that's what Antony asked us to do, Demon, so you're right on the mark, there.
Re: Green Latern 2010

Yep. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.:drool: You are now a Knight of the Living Thread.:devil:

While I love Nathan, (he's great on "Castle") I don't think he'd be right for the role. Right or wrong, most comicbook hero's are younger and Nate's getting a little long in the tooth.While there are exceptions (Robert Downey Jr as "Iron Man") it's generally the villians that are older.
Ryan is hot right now because, well, he's hot!!!:devil: But that will fade so he might as well do as much as he can now while he's in great physical condition and still "pretty".
Re: Green Latern 2010

I thought after Serenity the show was coming back but I guess not...
*Sheds a tear for Firefly*
Re: Green Latern 2010

This bad boy comes out tomorrow... it better not suck.

Can somebody edit the thread title? Just lop the year off... an easy snip & clip.
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It is... it is. & this movie was pretty good, better than I thought it would be anyway. They left it open ended like everythign else now adays. Probably have to wait 5-10 years for a sequel.
It was okay. Liked Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong. Didn't like the love interest, and was more amused than anything at Peter Sarsgaard gleefully chewing the scenery.

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