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Green 2


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I have a stupid question that I thought I would post here. I was watching "Convictions" from season 3 lately and I watched "Wheel of Fire" from season 5 last night. Green 2 is mentioned in both of them. In "Convictions", Londo is in the transport tube with G'Kar and announces that he wants to go to Green 2. In "Wheel of Fire", Garibaldi and Lochley are having a discussion about his alcoholism and he wants to get away from her. He goes into the tube and announces that he wants to go to Green 2.

Now my question is this: What is on Green 2? I used to know what the different colors of sections of the station were and what was in them like Blue Sector being for EA personnel, and Green Sector being where the alien diplomats stayed, but I don't remember what is on Green 2. What could both Londo and Garibaldi be going there for? Did Garibaldi just announce Green 2 just to get away from Lochley, or was he going to a specific place on Green 2? Considering how both Garibaldi and Londo liked to drink, I figured it might be a club of some kind.

Anyone have any ideas? And thanks for humoring me. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
like you said, green sector is pretty much where the alien ambassadors stay. I don't know that there's much more to it.

According to the B5 Security Manual (that I just happen to have here /forums/images/icons/grin.gif ) Green Sector is located adjacent to the forward end of the garden. It contains ambassadorial suits, multiple BabCom access points, communal offices and meeting rooms, as well as access to the stations business facilities.

Civilian access is denied and the area is restricted to only ambassadorial personnel and station command and security. Therefore, I don't think there'd be any bars or clubs or anything. My guess is Garibaldi was either going to meet some ambassador or was just getting away from Lochley. Londo was presumably going to his own quarters. I can't think of anywhere else Garibaldi might be going. Perhaps going to pay Londo or G'Kar a visit? Anyway, as you say, its most likely he was simply trying to escape Lochley's lashings.

Hope this helps. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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