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Great Back to Back episodes

I was wondering what some of the great back to back episode pairs you think about are.
Personally, I just watched Point of No Return and Severed Dreams, and they are great.
Others are WWE1+2, Shadow Dancing+Z'ha'dum, Endgame+Rising Star, Objects in motion+at rest and finally Deconstruction of falling stars and Sleeping in light(I know they are not technically, but they show the future and the end of the story)
any others?
I know the nine episodes ending with into the fire are also a great mini arc.
In the beginning could also count as two great back to back eps.


I suppose it depends what you mean by back-to-back. If you just mean two great episodes one after the other, then "Divided Loyalties" followed by "The Long Twilight Struggle" would qualify although they are fairly unrelated in subject matter.

If you mean two parters in all but name, then my vote would go to "The Face of the enemy" followed by "Intersections in Real Time".

"Z'Ha'Dum" followed by "The Hour of the Wolf" is a pretty good pairing as well.

Of course this is where I discover I have remembered wrongly and these eps don't come together at all.


Because of B5's structure you could almost pick any two episodes out of late S3 through to the end of S4 and call them a two part episode. Or three ... or four ...

I love it !!

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Parliament of Dreams and Mind War from S1.

Too many in S3 to name.

The first six of S4, combined with the last two of S3 - that was one awesome 8-episode-patch!

The whole latter half of S5, i.e. the one dealing with the Centauri storyline. Yes, I loved S5, I'm not ashamed to say that.

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