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Graeme Revell again?

Finally watched "Red Planet" last night (you know, with the ship that looks liked Earthforce One?) and damn if that music didn't sound like B5 in a lot of places. Once again, it was a film composed by Graeme Revell, a composer similar to Christopher Franke but sadly much more successful in films.

I first became aware of him when I saw Titan AE (the scene where the bat-men are carrying our heroes to safety) and noticed him again watching some of "Spawn" on television.

What's really weird is that many of the same sound effects show up in their music. Is this stuff shareware?

Someone back me up! Go watch one of these movies and listen carefully.

I'd love to ask Chris Franke or JMS about this guy.

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Graeme Revell's score for the Crow is one of my favorites.

I also liked his music for Frank Herbert's Dune.

His Tomb Raider was not so good.

Overall, he's not afraid to drag out musical instruments and styles from various cultures to offer a more exotic sound.

I haven't heard either Titan AE or Red Planet, so I can't speak to any similarity to Franke's work.

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