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Good idea, Bad idea you decide.


Hi, well I was just laying in bed about 5:00am and I had this thought come to me. We all know that Scifi lost x amount of money showing the film (LOTR). What if the fans came together and donated money (perhaps though this website), to help offset Scifi’s losses. I do not know how big the fan base is or even if this is a good idea; however, I was thinking the following:

If 10,000 fans contributed 10 dollars that would be 100,000 dollars.
If 50,000 fans contributed 15 dollars that would be 750,000 dollars.

The point being: many fans have seen the chaos with Crusade and have waited many years for something new in the B5 universe and now a football game has destroyed the ratings. We wrote letters for Crusade, and now are writing letters for LOTR. I feel doing a contribution campaign would put real teeth and substance in the writing campaign. Think about it, many people just paid close to 10 dollars to go watch “Lord of the Rings.” That was only a 3-hour movie; we may be getting a 5-year story for a minimum investment with a chance for Crusade to come back. Anyways, I would like your feedback on whether or not this could be a feasible idea; perhaps if it is, a poll could be taken to see what could be raised. Public Television has fund-raisers all the time.

In closing, this could be an unprecedented way of showing Scifi that the fans of Babylon 5 are committed and willing to help out in times of adversity. Remember, this show could lay the groundwork to 2 shows in the Babylon 5 universe running concurrently. I would be very interested in your opinions. LETS MAKE A STATEMENT.


In my opinion (and it seems this discussion comes around every so often, so pardon if I'm repetitious), sending money directly to a network in "support" of a particular show is NOT a good idea.

Aside from the accounting nightmare and possible regulatory complications (though I'm not sure of any specifically this would fall foul of) it only makes fans look desperate and like they don't know the teevee business.

Actual expertise on teevee is thin on the ground in most of our neighborhoods, so most of us don't.

We do all have an opinion of what we want to SEE on teevee, and that can be expressed in a letter supporting the show without a tip enclosed.

If it's a good business deal for them, they'll do it. If not, $10 from me is not going to convince them it is.


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Whether or not they made money on the pilot is a smaller matter than whether or not they would make money on a series. No "contributions" could effect the future profit made from advertising on a series.

I think this sort of thing was tried before.

I don't think there's anything that could be done. It's up to the Sci-Fi Channel, really.

I like the fighting spirit you have, though, Cerberus. And, if this would actually be effective, I would contribute a fair share.

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