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Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter 4 Movie) Spoilers


Saw it yesterday, it was fantastic.

They did a superb job with cutting characters out, and transferring little things to other characters and the little tweak here and there to the plot line.

The only minor little quips I had was until they got to school, it was even difficult for me to keep up with the choppiness and the quick progression of plot. Would it really have made much difference if the studio had goven them just 5-10 more minutes of air time to change scenes in the beginning more comprehensively? When we went yesterday (12 noon showing) we got there at about 11:50, and it wasn't sold out, and we got good seats (it was showing on 4 screens, starting about every half hour). So, I think 10min longer movie wouldn't have had any impact on theatre's opportunity for # of showings, so no box office impact, IMHO.

I also think it would've been nice had we seen at least a snippet of the other 3 champion's dragon bouts, but, I understand those had to be cut, still, even 30 seconds each (Like maybe just show them getting the egg).

So much of the movie actually surpassed my imagination visually, it was stunning.

The graveyard scene, yea Pettigrew was a little too willing to "give his right arm", but, they still kept his grovelling weaselyness, so, that was OK to me in the interest of saving time on not trying to weasel out of it. Voldemort was great, but, I expected his voice to higher and raspier (more snakelike) and was he supposed to have red eyes, or was that my own interpretation?

I definitely give it at least 9 out of 10, it was far and away the best yet, and far better than I dared hope for.

OotP has the potential to be incredible, Thestrals, the MoM, Grimmauld place, etc. And HBP with cave scene and the inferi.
I liked it quite a bit.

Speaking as a person who has seen all of the movies, but has not read the books:

I found it very odd that, to watch the movie anyway, it looks like Harry *never* told *anyone* that Luscious Malfoy was at the graveyard with Voldemort. They showed Harry alone with Dumbledore toward the end, and then they showed him alone with Ron and Hermione (his longstanding peer confidants) and in neither scene was there any hint that this piece of information had been shared.
I'm assuming that either Harry has told them about Malfoy.. or will shortly. Obviously Malfoy won't be able to show his face at Hogwarts again, but I don't think that's an issue anymore. Voldemort is back, and Lucius will probably have more important work to do. This movie was the mid-point of the seven, so I expect the real trouble to begin in OotP. The only problem I had with the movie was the sense of "padding" (which is funny when you consider how they abridged the source material :LOL:). When you get down to it, the part I really wanted to see was that last 15 minutes with Voldemort. He's the "A" Story. The Tri-Wizard Competition is really the "B" story. But I liked it anyway. They also nailed the mood swings of teenagers perfectly.
LOL, Lucius hasn't really been welcome at Hogwarts since Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore has got to be well aware of Malfoy's associations considering canon up to this point, even in the movies alone. Showing Lucius in the Cemetary is merely the culmination of what we should've already figured out, as well as Crabbe and Goyle.

Unfortunately (not sure if you've read the books, so don't want to say too much) Lucius will not be a pariah during the next movie.
I quite enjoyed this one. After the first 10 minutes, yes .. it did feel awfully choppy in the beginning. Oh well :D

There was quite a bit that was left out, yes .. but with a book of this size, there just has to. At least it flows as a movie .. it will never be able to replace the books anyways, so that's OK.

Moody was SO not as I imagined him .. much less .. dignified. Though he was good, yes :D .. I didn't think they did too great a job on the eye though. Looked like half a set of plastic goggles stuck to his face to me - which it, obviousley, was :D

I am curious as of who they will find for Umbridge for OotP.

Edit: Oh, I just noticed .. they don't tell us what happens to Barty Crouch junior at all in the movie, do they?
Ahh, ok .. I guess his death from the book would have been too anticlimatic and pointless in a movie. Who knows :D
Ahh, ok .. I guess his death from the book would have been too anticlimatic and pointless in a movie. Who knows :D

Death? He didn't die, he got kissed by a Dementor, and there were no Dementors in the movie, so easier just to skip over it and say he was sent back to Azkaban
I always thought kisses of dementors sound an awful lot like death of spirit .. the body lives on, but only as an empty shell. Though I guess it's a matter of definition :D
True, it's a nitpick, but JKR has been pretty specific in making sure we understand that "a Dementor's kiss is a fate worse than death" ;)
I saw this Saturday and enjoyed it. Probably my favourite so far.

On the Lucius thing, I haven't read any of the books, so this is my opinion from purely the movie side of things, I felt when it comes down to it, they had no evidence other than the word of a boy (even if he is Harry Potter) so there was nothing they could do.
Well, as far as Dumbledore goes, Dumbledore knows Lucius put the Riddle Diary into Ginny's hands, and he couldn't possibly have that diary if he wasn't mixed up in Voldemort's bidding. The books expand on this a bit more, and the 6th book, expands upon the importance of that diary, that Dumbledore suspects, but, we as viewers do not have any clue about even by the end of the 4th book/movie.

But, yea, Lucius is rich and powerful, so naturally he has favor with the Government.
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I would have prefered it if they had replaced the kids leaving the school scene with the hospital scene from the book. It would have given people more answers and felt like a more definate ending. My biggest problem with the movie was how the kids seemed a little too happy at the end.
I enjoyed GoF, but PoA is still my favourite Potter movie (as opposed to pot movies, my favourite of which is Harold and Kumar go to White Castle). I liked the action, the new cast members and felt it was a solid adaptation of the book. That said, I did have some problems. Primarily, GoF's ending was far too upbeat. The book was much darker, feeding right into OotP's story. Second, the movie didn't seem to flow as well as PoA, I felt that the movie was a little disjointed at parts.
I finally saw it; I didn't think I was ever going to get there! :) I liked it. I did see something I didn't see when I went to any of the others, though..."frightened" children. :( Some of the kids were just too little for this one....
Yeah, people do need to pay attention to things like rating and what the reviewers and cast members (or people that they know personally) have been saying about a movie that they are thinking about taking young children to.

During the media blitz when it was opening, I remember seeing such people as Emily Watson going out of their way in interviews to say that people should take the rating serious and this one was *not* for younger children. She even said specifically that *she* would not have been ready for this one back when she first started playing Hermione.