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Go Lennier!


Beyond the rim
I was just watching a biography of Brigitte Bardot, and suddenly up popped Billy Mumy!

When he was a child he was in a movie about an American kid obsessed with BB. Apparently he can claim to be the first American to be kissed by BB on screen :LOL:
Yes, Dear Brigitte, starring Bardot and Jimmy Stewart. (Mumy played Stewart's Bardot-obsessed son who writes the star a letter and eventually gets to meet her.)


I just think I should do my duty and say that Brigitte Bardot is just about the sickest woman I know about by name. :LOL:
...but I guess she used to be a "hottie".
...but I guess she used to be a "hottie".

Yeah, I'd say she was pretty cute, back in the day:



Never a great actress, but nice to look at, in her day. But how so sick? That film with Stewart and Mumy was pretty bad, but not her fault. Is it because she is an animal rights activist? I don't entirely agree with her, but I wouldn't call that sick.

Crazy animal rights activists say the darndest things.:eek:
I seem to remember her saying that she rather wanted a tumor than having her son. (Now estranged.)
She has been convicted of racist remarks (although they were hardly the worst I've heard); blaming gays, TV and the left for the sorry state of France. Lamenting that even the hookers aren't French any more.
Being against picking up after dogs, because the dogs would be embarrased. etc. etc. etc. She's a mix of Jane Fonda, Linda Blair and le Pen. :devil:
To me, that's no babe.

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