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G'Kar the mobster


G\'Kar the mobster

Last night I watched a movie called Blame It On The Bellboy, a silly ensemble comedy. Andreas Katsulas playes a Venician mafia boss, complete with over-exaggerated Italian accent and white coat draped around his shoulders. It was funny seeing G'Kar threaten to electrocute Dudley Moore's testicles.

In the movie Mafia, Katsulas also plays an exaggerated Italian mafia boss.

Now, we know G'Kar had a shady past and some dirty dealings. In a 1st season episode, someone was hired to kill him. In Blame It On The Bellboy, someone was hired to kill him. Coincidence? Of course not. It is obvious that G'Kar was an inter-galactic Italian mafia chief, who went into hiding on Babylon 5. The Narn "security" guys on B5 were just his cronies.

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

Londo: "G'kar! G'Karrr!!!!"
G'Kar: "Eh. Forged abow did."

It's been a while since I've seen Blame It On The Bellboy. I wonder if I mess it up by seeing G'kar all the time.

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

Andreas also played a mobster in Next Of Kin, 1989, with Liam Neeson. It's a fair film of its sort. Don't get to see enough of Andreas though.

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

And a silent killer in New York Cop.
No wonder he complains about being typecast!

Grrr. Stupid Hollywood.

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

Don't forget "The Fugitive."

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

He also played the mafia killer in Ridley Scott's "Someone to Watch Over Me" and played a comic mafia thug in the movie about the black man who impersonates a white guy (which was basically an extension of the writer's "White Like Me" segment on Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy.

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

I have been debating whether or not to add to this thread since it was started. I'll admit, I used to watch Max Headroom. Anyhow, I think he was in that, too, playing yet again a sterotypical part.

I wish, as the rest of you do, that he could get something better from time to time! No wonder he doesn't mind all of the make-up needed to do Gkar. He really gets to ACT when he's playing that roll.

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Re: G\'Kar the mobster

And in an episode of "Millennium" (alongside Juliet Landau) he played a fanatical priest of an extremist Jewish sect / cult hoping to bring about the End Times. Or something similar. Most of his lines were in Hebrew, and there were few enough of them, but that old Katsulas magnetism made sure that he was a powerful presence!

Re: G\'Kar the mobster

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR> Didn't he play a Romulan captain in several ST:tNG episodes? I thought I saw his name grace the TV screen during one of the recent re-runs on TNN. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That he did. His name was Tomalack (sp), an admiral or general or something IIRC. It was a good role.

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