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G'Kar in The Gathering


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G\'Kar in The Gathering

I just watched the Gathering for the first time. Can someone explain to me what was up with G'Kar? Why was he trying to kill Kosh? How did this ever become resolved?
Re: G\'Kar in The Gathering

Where did you get the idea that he was trying to kill Kosh? G'Kar had nothing to do with it

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Re: G\'Kar in The Gathering

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by A_Ranger:
Where did you get the idea that he was trying to kill Kosh? G'Kar had nothing to do with it


At the end, when Sinclair lies to G'Kar and tells him that he's drunk a nanotranmitter, he says that he knows that the changeling net made it to B5 on a Narn transport. Also, G'Kar did everything he could to get Sinclair indicted and sent to the Vorlon homeworld.

Circumstantial evidence, yes...but somewhat convincing.

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Re: G\'Kar in The Gathering

G'Kar wasn't trying to get Kosh killed.
He was Selling the Means to do it to the renegade Minbari.
At that point, G'Kar was acting mostly as an Arms & Illegal Tech Dealer.

And, as an Arms Dealer, a small war between Earth and Vorlon (with maybe a bit of Minbari/Vorlon conflict thrown in) might just be an opportunity for Profit.

Of course, G'Kar obviously wasn't aware of just how Powerful the Vorlons really were, or he'd have run from the deal so fast he'd have burned a hole in the carpet.

His Minbari customers just might have Lied to G'Kar about the Vorlons.
It was made fairly clear that the only race that knew much about the Vorlons was the Minbari.
And the Minbari weren't sharing.
At least not with Narn.

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Re: G\'Kar in The Gathering

Bakana is right, G'Kar simply saw an opportunity for profit and at this point G'Kar is not above nefarious means for profit.

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Re: G\'Kar in The Gathering

Also, G'Kar was trying to warm up to the Minbari- both to the unofficial ones via the changeling net deal, and the official ones, as seen in the scene with Delenn and the *shudder* gravity ring.

The Narn Regime at this point is weaker than it appears. It presents a bold front, but puts an inordinate amount of resources into imperialistic conquests. G'Kar wanted to plug in the hollow walls with real concrete, so to speak, by finding or creating allies.

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