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G'Kar at the Museum of the Moving Image


Hi, all!

You may recall that some years ago, I spearheaded an effort that resulted in 11 fans purchasing a G'Kar mask (on a life-cast of Andreas Katsulas's face) from one of the B5 script writers, and donating it to the Museum of the Moving Image. Well, the Museum was closed for some time while they renovated their space, and it's recently been reopened. I had the opportunity to visit there this week with one of the other donors, and we took some pictures. If you want to take a look and see Babylon 5 getting the respect it deserves — having a piece of it on display in a spectacular museum devoted to film and television! — go here:


I need to go check this out. Did you at least get one of those "Donated by" plaques for it?
Yeah, that's mostly reworked material from the press release, which went far and wide at the time of our donation. If you're in New York and haven't been to the Museum of the Moving Image, it's definitely worth a visit! They have a film series, special exhibits, and some things that are on permanent exhibition (like G'Kar's mask). There's also lots of great Greek food to be had in Astoria, which makes the trip even more worth it.

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