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General financing problems.


The studioes, for B5 WB, gets the income first from the original american TV network, and later from sales to foreign TV stations, VHS and DVD`s.
The american TV network, for B5 now SciFi, earns their money from the sale of adds.

When SciFi pull the plugg - no more episodes to earn money on for the studio.

For me living in Norway, watching B5 and Crusade on Norwegian TV, and buying the DVD and the European VHS tapes, this seems like a stupid system.

Why does the studioes make themselves so dependant on the whimsies of one single single american network ?
When the Hammer falls (!!) everything ends.

If the studioes and the network shared the income from the sale to foreign TV stations and the VHS and DVD sale, both would earn more money in the long run. The studio because there would be produced more episodes, and the TV network would get income from other sources than just TV adds.
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