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Gary Cole on Monk


Beyond the rim
Snippet on a soon-to-be-seen appearance from Gary Cole:

"Gary guest stars on the August 15 episode of the USA network series Monk, starring Tony Shaloub. Gary's episode is entitled "Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy" and Gary, naturally, is the playboy! The episode repeats on August 18 and 21."

Now is any kind person over in the US willing to tape it for me? :D Happy to pay for the tape and postage.
If I can get my VCR to work then I will tape it for you Demon....if someone hasn't offered already!! Check back with me on the 16th to see if I was able to get the VCR to work correctly! :rolleyes:
That's so kind of you! Many thanks for the offer, but someone has been kind enough to volunteer :D

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