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Gary Cole gets series



It's upfront week here in NYC. That means the six big networks are announcing their Fall series.

WB has announced a revival of "Family Affair" with Gary Cole and Tim Curry.
Tim Curry, isn't he our favorite "transexual"? And also the actor who did a few guest spots on "Earth 2"?
I always think of Tim Curry as IT. He's been in alot of crap so I wouldn't argue the Earth2 thing even though I didn't see it.

Good for Gary Cole. He's been in a couple of good shows with short runs hopefully this time will be different. By that I mean that the run won't be short not that the show won't be good. There doesn't seem to be any chance of more Crusade any time soon so there is no conflict.
Thanks for the update! Would you mind if I posted this to a couple of American Gothic discussion groups?
It's general news. You can post it anywhere. As I write this, WB's official presentation of their Fall Schedule will begin in an hour. I'll be leaving for it in a few minutes. Maybe I'll see Gary there.
1:44PM ET

Yep, Gary was there. They showed clips from the show. I doubt most of you will like it. It's a real "family" show, very old fashioned sitcom with a laughtrack.

Gary looks good in person, though.

(I was actually more thrilled to meet and shake the hand of Michael "Lex Luthor" Rosenbaum who is very "hot" in my book)

FYI--"Family Affair" is produced by Turner Television.
Thanks for the info and permission, and he surely does look good in the flesh /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif Met him in La Jolla last year.

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